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Protect Your Business From Harmful Backflow

Arrange for backflow testing, repairs, and installation services in Shreveport, LA

Here in Shreveport, LA, all commercial and multi-family facilities are required to have backflow preventers to protect your water supply from harmful contamination. To ensure that your backflow preventer stays in top condition, it's essential to get regular backflow testing, which is where Anti-Clog LLC comes in. We have 20+ years of experience testing backflow preventers for all types of businesses, including restaurants, salons and medical facilities.

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Restore your backflow preventer to good working order

Here at Anti-Clog, our master plumber is well-trained to provide professional backflow repair services in the Shreveport, LA area.

You can count on us to repair...

  • Faulty seals
  • Broken springs
  • Replacement and testing of damaged devices
  • Damaged valves

Whether your backflow preventer was damaged by excessive pressure or inclement weather, we can provide a fix to your problem.

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